Chromatic App

Chromatic offers a radio streaming service powered by humans like you and me. The app itself is fragmented in two: The broadcaster app and the listener app. The main competitive advantage of this product is that music feels way more real if you compare to algorithmic generated playlists inside any other competitor.

App Mockups


Listener app was to designed to be easy and simple to use (duh!), the landing page, should show the user the Featured, Recent and Trending broadcasts, if the listener is a bit more musical savvy, he should have access to a list of genres from which he can choose his favorites and make a more focused search.


The player is straight up simple as to see what song is currently playing, a gently swipe up will reveal the chat so you can talk directly to the broadcaster or interact with other listeners. You can also preview broadcast by holding the tap on any broadcast.


Broadcaster app is where all of the potential DJ's reside, you have access to a vast catalogue of music from which you can select at least 3 songs and immediately broadcast, you can add songs on the fly and even chat with your listeners. The search page was divided in Broadcasts, Songs, Artists and Albums, that way you can reach for that song that's going to make a perfect match for your current broadcast.


To create a broadcast, you need, to choose a title for it, select a cover image and most importantly, add the tracks that will fuel the stream, once you're set, hit the Broadcast Now button. The flow itself might seem easy, but the iterations behind this one we're tricky. Good thing the developer on this project has some more brains than me.